44: The BBC Going ‘Look How Good We Are With Music, Blah Blah Blah’


This week: Chris and Graham continue to batter through their month in music, taking in Caribou’s Our Love, that thing the BBC are referring to as a cover of “God Only Knows”, The Vaselines’ third album in 25 years and The Hold Steady live. Continue reading

41: Nick Offerman Cosplaying as Alain Delon


This week: Chris and Josh talk the best films they saw over the summer under their own auspices, whether rep screening, rental or otherwise, with Josh batting for The Heartbreak Kid, Birth, M and Miami Vice, and Chris on Billy Wilder, Preston Sturges, Mitchell Leisen and Sam Fuller. Continue reading

40: ‘I Have a Lot of Time for Lucy’ as Desi Arnaz Once Said


This week: the first film episode since returning sees Chris and Josh cast an eye over the summer that was, taking in blockbusters and otherwise including Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Lucy and Boyhood. Continue reading

39: Illmatic for the People


This week: our first run of music episodes in the new shorter format concludes with talk of live shows taken in over the summer – including Prince, Neutral Milk Hotel and Aidan Moffat – and an outpouring of love for this month’s classic album, Nas’ superlative Illmatic. Continue reading

“Do Not Touch Willie.”

Before I proceed, I want to make entirely clear that the following is not a collective statement from everyone involved with Seen Your Video. I’m speaking entirely as myself, not on behalf of Graham or Josh. I know we’ve steered clear of any posts even remotely like this in the past, and I don’t plan on it being the first of a series or anything, but it is, strictly speaking, related to the kind of cultural analysis we strive for, and besides, I don’t have anywhere else to post it, except Facebook, which eugh.

do not touch willie Continue reading

37: The JFK Assassination Isn’t As Mysterious As Jai Paul


This week: after a three month hiatus, the podcast comes back from its summer break with a new-ish format and chat from Chris and Graham about what they’ve been listening to over the summer, including Spoon, FKA twigs and Caribou, with much more to come next week in part two of three. Continue reading