52: Drake Is Like Fall Out Boy Emo


This week: Chris and Graham rattle through some of their personal listening highlights from the year so far, including Drake, Wild Beasts, John Carpenter, Panda Bear, and Bob Dylan’s album of Sinatra covers. Continue reading

23: Mogwai Very Much the Bob Marley of Scotland


fresh prince

This week: In the absence of any one big record that seems interesting enough to review, Chris and Graham take advantage of the summer lull to ramble through a selection of the tunes they break out at the first hint of sunshine and try to get to the heart of what makes a summer jam. Continue reading

04: Scotland’s Greatest Mix-Tape


This week: Ali Braidwood of Scots Whay Hae! comes in to talk about the tracks that should have been included on STV’s Scotland’s Greatest Album, and Vincent Gallo features in a film that, unusually, doesn’t make Chris want to break his TV.