Great Vengeance and Furious Anger


First things first: I’m a big fan of Quentin Tarantino’s work. His first three films were a crucial part of my nascent cinephilia. I fashioned a fake beard out of my own hair and some Pritt Stick to aid my entry into a screening of Kill Bill Vol. 1 six months before I turned eighteen, probably six years before I actually looked old enough to be sold a ticket. I once sat and took minutely-detailed notes on every aspect of Death Proof – the film that many people, including Tarantino himself, claim as his worst – the better to fashion a defence of it as his best film of the past fifteen years. I wasn’t totally sold on Inglourious Basterds upon first viewing, but with some greater sense of what it’s really about have come around on rewatches, although I still consider it his weakest and most problematic. At least, I did until seeing Django Unchained earlier tonight, about which I don’t know quite what to think. Continue reading

03: Bob Dylan Sounds Like That Scene In “Human Centipede II”


This week: the times they are a-becomin’ quite different as Jeff Mangum makes a forceful public appearance and Bob Dylan hits peak form in Glasgow; Al Cook and Anna Blainey come in to talk comics, horror movies and (briefly) theatre; and there’s more talk of cult movies in the interactive bit that doesn’t have a name yet but probably should.