17: It’s Always Truffle Season When Jay-Z’s Around



This week: new music co-host Graham Fulton returns from two years in Australia to talk new singles from Daft Punk and Thundercat, Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience and music he discovered on his travels, whilst Chris reviews gigs from The Weeknd, Yo La Tengo, Japandroids and My Bloody Valentine. Continue reading

17 Again: Seeing Japandroids and The Gaslight Anthem through two sets of eyes


I’m the eldest of three sons.

There’s a significant age difference between my brothers and I. My usual line for explaining this away is that, in a reversal of tradition, I was the accident. Anthony, who’s come to be known as Anton, is seven and a half years younger than me. Gerard, born in March 1996, is almost a full decade younger than I am, having been born in May 1986. The day he was brought home from the maternity hospital was the day of the Dunblane shootings. Our dad, picking me up from the school bus, seemed torn as to which was more important that I know first: that my three day old brother was home safe, or that, forty miles away, a man had killed several children whose average age split the difference between us.

It’s been a strange experience, watching Gerard age. Not only are we much more alike than myself and Anton, but the ten year age gap is an uncommonly round number for this sort of thing – for whatever reason, it’s much more jarring to realise that the equivalent of every milestone Gerard reaches is now a full decade in my past than it was to see Anton hit them. It’s been like a mixture of the end of It’s A Wonderful Life and a body-swap comedy: I’ve effectively been able to rewatch my own teenage years play out through Gerard, only with a new decade’s worth of technology, culture and political contexts imposed. Continue reading

Tell Them All To Go To Hell: Albums of the Year 2012

 Albums of the Year 2012


You might not know it to look at/listen to what little coverage I’ve given music this year (out of what little coverage I’ve given anything, honestly), but I heard 78 albums, mixtapes and EPs released in 2012. That’s excluding reissues, of which you can add at least another ten to that number (seriously, everyone go get the four Archers of Loaf albums). Excepting those only available digitally (like the second Death Grips record of the year – y’know, the cock one), I bought or was gifted all but one on vinyl or CD (the Stanley Odd album, if you’re wondering, which arrived out of the blue from a PR). By and large, I’m happy to have spent that much. It’s been a good year. And I like buying music with my own money, because it means I don’t feel beholden to anyone for a decent review if it’s pish. Continue reading

13: Don’t Move Or He’ll Maul Your Face


This week: a killer monkey! How Mia Farrow won Twitter! A theory that the Illuminati killed Tupac! Noomi Rapace’s squid by C-section! Movie reviews! Album reviews! A half-arsed cover of “Flashing Lights”! And more!