52: Drake Is Like Fall Out Boy Emo


This week: Chris and Graham rattle through some of their personal listening highlights from the year so far, including Drake, Wild Beasts, John Carpenter, Panda Bear, and Bob Dylan’s album of Sinatra covers. Continue reading

28: If You Have A Creepy Abandoned Carnival I Am So Fucking On Board


Carnival of Souls

This week: It’s Hallowe’en. THRILL! At our considered opinions of Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. SCREAM! As we lay out reasonable points about why we wish Filth was better.┬áRECOIL IN HORROR! As we recommend other things we’ve been watching from the past month. And DO WHATEVER! As we excavate Herk Harvey’s one of a kind, legitimately unnerving horror classic Carnival of Souls.

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03: Bob Dylan Sounds Like That Scene In “Human Centipede II”


This week: the times they are a-becomin’ quite different as Jeff Mangum makes a forceful public appearance and Bob Dylan hits peak form in Glasgow; Al Cook and Anna Blainey come in to talk comics, horror movies and (briefly) theatre; and there’s more talk of cult movies in the interactive bit that doesn’t have a name yet but probably should.