Pants-Off Dance-Off: Miguel live at the ABC

I don’t think I’ve ever been to another live show quite like Miguel’s, which peacocked into Glasgow’s ABC last night in a swirl of strobe lights and sleeveless t-shirts. That’s not to say that the show is unique (with all due respect to the man and his skill as a performer, I’m fairly certain it isn’t), just that opportunities to see its like in Glasgow are limited. As a city, Glasgow’s live music scene – indigenous at least, and maybe to an extent that colours touring acts – is still dominated by indie, folk, pub rock, singer songwriters, genres that largely, for better or worse, place a great deal of value in the nebulous idea of ‘authenticity’. Musicians aren’t meant to seem too rehearsed, too artificial, too flashy. It’s all about the music, man. Feelings, an’ that. Continue reading

03: Bob Dylan Sounds Like That Scene In “Human Centipede II”


This week: the times they are a-becomin’ quite different as Jeff Mangum makes a forceful public appearance and Bob Dylan hits peak form in Glasgow; Al Cook and Anna Blainey come in to talk comics, horror movies and (briefly) theatre; and there’s more talk of cult movies in the interactive bit that doesn’t have a name yet but probably should.