39: Illmatic for the People


This week: our first run of music episodes in the new shorter format concludes with talk of live shows taken in over the summer – including Prince, Neutral Milk Hotel and Aidan Moffat – and an outpouring of love for this month’s classic album, Nas’ superlative Illmatic. Continue reading

11: The Boss Would Like a Word


This week: Guess who’s back? Back again? If you guessed ‘a ten years out of date reference to Eminem’, you’d be right, but also missing the point, because the podcast’s back after a two month hiatus. No guests, so hear Chris ramble for most of an hour about Bruce Springsteen, Blu-Ray and some of the film and music highlights from the start of 2012.

N.B.: Dud e-mail address given at the end of this week’s pod – all enquiries/comments/abuse can be sent to chris@seenyourvideopod.com


03: Bob Dylan Sounds Like That Scene In “Human Centipede II”


This week: the times they are a-becomin’ quite different as Jeff Mangum makes a forceful public appearance and Bob Dylan hits peak form in Glasgow; Al Cook and Anna Blainey come in to talk comics, horror movies and (briefly) theatre; and there’s more talk of cult movies in the interactive bit that doesn’t have a name yet but probably should.