30: Bruce Dern’s Hair, Spectacular as Always



This week: Chris and Josh plunge headlong into the busiest time of any cinephile’s year, touching on Gravity, Captain Phillips, Short Term 12 and Leviathan before going longer on Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy’s too-weird-for-mass-consumption The Counsellor and Alexander Payne’s triumphant return to the American Midwest, Nebraska. Elsewhere, this month’s classic is Robert Altman’s seasonally appropriate masterpiece McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Josh finds common ground between three French films about teenagers coming of age and Chris assures you Spike Lee’s Oldboy isn’t as bad as you’ve heard. Continue reading

16: We Need You To Get Naked Because Art



This week: A relaunch of the podcast finds Josh Slater-Williams coming on board as co-host for film episodes, with discussion of the similarly-themed Side Effects and Trance, Chris advocating regular doses of Spike Lee and Josh hailing Roman Polanski’s debut Knife in the Water.


00:00 – Intro, Roger Ebert

(Funkadelic – Back In Our Minds)

07:31 – Side Effects, Trance [contains spoilers]

(Black Star – Astronomy (8th Light))

32:11 – Malcolm X and Spike Lee

(Miles Davis – My Ship)

46:51 – Knife in the Water and Roman Polanski


Great Vengeance and Furious Anger


First things first: I’m a big fan of Quentin Tarantino’s work. His first three films were a crucial part of my nascent cinephilia. I fashioned a fake beard out of my own hair and some Pritt Stick to aid my entry into a screening of Kill Bill Vol. 1 six months before I turned eighteen, probably six years before I actually looked old enough to be sold a ticket. I once sat and took minutely-detailed notes on every aspect of Death Proof – the film that many people, including Tarantino himself, claim as his worst – the better to fashion a defence of it as his best film of the past fifteen years. I wasn’t totally sold on Inglourious Basterds upon first viewing, but with some greater sense of what it’s really about have come around on rewatches, although I still consider it his weakest and most problematic. At least, I did until seeing Django Unchained earlier tonight, about which I don’t know quite what to think. Continue reading

13: Don’t Move Or He’ll Maul Your Face


This week: a killer monkey! How Mia Farrow won Twitter! A theory that the Illuminati killed Tupac! Noomi Rapace’s squid by C-section! Movie reviews! Album reviews! A half-arsed cover of “Flashing Lights”! And more!