“Do Not Touch Willie.”

Before I proceed, I want to make entirely clear that the following is not a collective statement from everyone involved with Seen Your Video. I’m speaking entirely as myself, not on behalf of Graham or Josh. I know we’ve steered clear of any posts even remotely like this in the past, and I don’t plan on it being the first of a series or anything, but it is, strictly speaking, related to the kind of cultural analysis we strive for, and besides, I don’t have anywhere else to post it, except Facebook, which eugh.

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26: From Murderous Southern Hick to Nixon


upstream color

This week: Attempts to adequately describe the sensory overload of Upstream Color, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? inaugurates our classics slot, Chris unexpectedly loves The Paperboy and really, really hates The Impossible while Josh classes up the joint with Plein Soleil, The Big City and Je, tu, il, elle. Continue reading

15: The Snobs vs. Slobs Fallacy


This week: bright young thing of film criticism Josh Slater-Williams comes in to talk over a rash of internet-based cine-controversies from the past couple of months – including the “film culture” wars, the Sight & Sound greatest of all time poll, the answer to that list from Hey U Guys and The A.V. Club’s recent countdown of the best films of the 90s – and consider coming of age as a cinephile at the dawn of the internet era. How many bridges do we burn? All of them. All of the bridges.