49: Best of 2014 – Music


This week: Because this is the world we’ve created for ourselves, Chris and Graham each present their top ten albums of the year. Continue reading

Tell Them All To Go To Hell: Albums of the Year 2012

 Albums of the Year 2012


You might not know it to look at/listen to what little coverage I’ve given music this year (out of what little coverage I’ve given anything, honestly), but I heard 78 albums, mixtapes and EPs released in 2012. That’s excluding reissues, of which you can add at least another ten to that number (seriously, everyone go get the four Archers of Loaf albums). Excepting those only available digitally (like the second Death Grips record of the year – y’know, the cock one), I bought or was gifted all but one on vinyl or CD (the Stanley Odd album, if you’re wondering, which arrived out of the blue from a PR). By and large, I’m happy to have spent that much. It’s been a good year. And I like buying music with my own money, because it means I don’t feel beholden to anyone for a decent review if it’s pish. Continue reading

11: The Boss Would Like a Word


This week: Guess who’s back? Back again? If you guessed ‘a ten years out of date reference to Eminem’, you’d be right, but also missing the point, because the podcast’s back after a two month hiatus. No guests, so hear Chris ramble for most of an hour about Bruce Springsteen, Blu-Ray and some of the film and music highlights from the start of 2012.

N.B.: Dud e-mail address given at the end of this week’s pod – all enquiries/comments/abuse can be sent to chris@seenyourvideopod.com


07: ‘Righto, chaps! Blighty! Bombs away!’


This week: Chris missed Arab Strap at Sleazy’s 20th birthday party, but did get to see The Twilight Sad; and Jamie Dunn, film editor of The Skinny, comes in to talk about the revitalisation of British cinema over the past year, including Terence Davies’ The Deep Blue Sea (on general release from Friday).


04: Scotland’s Greatest Mix-Tape


This week: Ali Braidwood of Scots Whay Hae! comes in to talk about the tracks that should have been included on STV’s Scotland’s Greatest Album, and Vincent Gallo features in a film that, unusually, doesn’t make Chris want to break his TV.