26: From Murderous Southern Hick to Nixon


upstream color

This week: Attempts to adequately describe the sensory overload of Upstream Color, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? inaugurates our classics slot, Chris unexpectedly loves The Paperboy and really, really hates The Impossible while Josh classes up the joint with Plein Soleil, The Big City and Je, tu, il, elle. Continue reading

‘I just got the homogenised blues!’: Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

Randall office dance

Starting with the film podcast that should hopefully be with you by the end of this week, we’re introducing a new feature to both film and music episodes, wherein having dealt with one or two of the month’s big new releases we then give a predetermined classic the same level of attention. Besides talking about them on the podcast I’m hoping to get blog posts about these classic films and albums up on here, at least for my own choices, as a kind of introduction for anyone who isn’t familiar with the subject at hand in advance of the podcast – liner notes, if you like, to guide you through a first time viewing or hearing and prep you for the subsequent discussion. First up: Frank Tashlin’s incredible 1957 comedy Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Continue reading

14: Shut Up and Deal


This week: show veteran Jamie Dunn, film editor of The Skinny, comes in to talk over a mutual love of the great Billy Wilder, who’s all of a sudden the subject of a lot of attention again, between Blu-Ray releases and new prints and such. Contains discussion of why Fred MacMurray was to Wilder what Jimmy Stewart was to Hitchcock, why Barbara Stanwyck’s anklet is pretty much equivalent to Gina Gershon’s crotch and use of the phrase ‘manic pixie dream country’ (emphatically not to describe Gina Gershon’s crotch).